Evan Faucett "fight like a champion"

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Evan Faucett was in a serious motocross accident at the Boone county fairgrounds on Thursday night. He was taken by ambulance to St Vincent 86th st. He has suffered a severe concussion, small bleed in the brain, lacerated liver, and the worst injury is to his spine. He had surgery last night to stabilize his spine. His spinal cord was severed, but not completely. We've been told many times that the chances of him walking again are next to nothing. We are waiting for him to prove them wrong. Evan is a fighter. If you tell him he can't do it, he will! Evan will need pushed harder than he has ever been pushed in his life! We have the longest, toughest journey ahead of us. Please please please continue to pray for Evan. I will also let everyone know when visitors can come. He is in ICU. So we make the decision on visitors. He has had family and close friends here, but he isn't really that aware of what's going on, so we are trying not to agitate him too much. He has spoken to many of us. He remembers a lot of things, but still gets very confused. And he's still very sleepy. (Assuming that's related to the severe concussion). Thank you again for all of the love and support! I've always known I had an amazing family, but the motocross family is just as strong. You all mean the world to us ❤️


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